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Fusion Splicer Sumitomo T81C

Fusion Splicer Sumitomo T81C
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Splicer Sumitomo T81C direct core monitoring fusion splicer was developed on the basis of the concept of ” ultra fast splicing in every environment.

Features Splicer Sumitomo T81C

  • Downsized by 43% from conventional model
  • 2.1kg weight with battery
  • Ultra fast splicing(7sec.)
  • Ultra fast heating(28sec.)
  • G.657 fiber auto splicing function
  • IP52 rating and 76cm drop on 5 faces
  • Automatic arc calibration
  • Touch screen operation
  • Universal clamp for 250µm,900µm tight and loose buffer fiber
  • User selectable heater clamp operation
  • Support bi-directional splicing operation
  • Equipped with onboard training vedio
  • Upgrades software via internet

Specifications Splicer Sumitomo T81C

  • Optical fiber requirements
  • Material Silica glass
  • Profile types SMF (ITU-T G.652), MMF (ITU-T G.651), DSF (ITU-T G.653), NZDSF (ITU-T G.655), BIF (ITU-T G.657), EDF
  • Fiber diameter Cladding diameter: 80 µm ~ 150 µm, Coating diameter: 100 µm ~ 1,000 µm
  • Applicable fiber or cable size up to φ1,000 µm Drop cable (2.0x3.1 mm), Indoor cable (2.0x2.0 mm)
  • Cleave length 5~16 mm 10 mm

Standard performance:

  • Splice loss (typical) SMF: 0.02 dB, MMF: 0.01 dB, DSF: 0.04 dB, NZDSF: 0.04 dB
  • Splicing cycle time (typical) 7 sec. (Quick mode), 7.5 sec. (SMF standard mode), 8 sec. (Auto mode)
  • Heating cycle time (typical) 28 sec.
  • Splice & Heat cycles Approx. 200
  • Fiber view & magnification Two CMOS cameras observation, 320X (zoom: 700X) for X or Y single axis view, 88X for both X & Y dual axis view
  • Splicing programs Max. 300
  • Heating programs Max. 100

Package Contents:

  • Fusion splicer main unit Sumitomo Type-81C
  • Battery module BU-11
  • Power supply module ADC-1430
  • Power cord
  • Cooling tray
  • Spare electrode ER-10
  • Operating CD manual
  • Quick reference guide
  • Carrying case with worktable CC-81
  • Hand strap


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